07 Feb

IREM has a new Income/Expense Submission Website!

I received an exciting email from IREM in February 2010.

Why does this get me excited? Because there has been very little effort put forth in our industry to make things easy or to put anything online. It is my hope that this is a trend and we do not look back. I just spoke to a legal professional who happens to live in a large multi-family apartment community, managed by one of the larger multi-family management companies. This person told me that the apartment community has gone back to paper checks. Reason: cannot afford to pay the fees associated with online or electronic rent collection!! When I heard this I was so very disappointed that our industry continues to shoot itself in the foot.

With this email from IREM, I have a glimmer of renewed hope that our industry can and will forge ahead, despite our incompetence and inability to engineer a solution. If you are an IREM member this is great news. If you are not an IREM member, maybe you should be. The following is the email sent to me which outlines the new tools available as they relate to the painful submission of your Income/Expense data from your managed properties.

Click here to learn more: Did you know they have updated the Income/Expense process?

Email from IREM:
Don’t throw away $420 – Submit Your Data by April 1, 2010 and get:
FREE Income/Expense Analysis book (a $420 value)
FREE Individual Building Report, (now downloadable)
All new Submission Web site – Data submission is simple!
Forget everything you know about data submission. The new Income/Expense Analysis Web site is streamlined and easier than ever to use. Check out the new features, below:

– New Additions to the Site!
We’ve added new items to make your data more viable: a new green survey, concessions line items for apartments, and tenant Improvements for shopping centers, just to name a few things!

Are you a new user?
1. Step-by-Step Guidance
Are you a new user? You’ll be guided through each step of the submittal process by pop-up help boxes so you never have to guess what to do next.

2. Terms and Definitions as You Go
Don’t waste time searching the site to find out what to put in a specific field. Definitions of terms are viewable.

Have you submitted before?
1. Year-to-Year Data Comparisons
Submitted before? Automatically verify your data with your previous year’s data. The system will flag data inconsistencies.

2. Find Your Property More Quickly and Easily
Use the new search, sort, and filter capabilities to assist in finding your property.

Hurry – submission deadline is April 1, 2010! Click here: http://iedev.irem.org/contributor/