18 Jun

World’s First Virtual Property Manager or Facility Manager!

Welcome to Manager Labs!

We are so very excited to show you a tool that is available to you if you can use your imagination for a few moments. Now visualize an LCD screen in your lobby, the script you wish to use, some electricity to the location, and an internet connection. A PM/FM, Stan Cappe out of, Canada did this many years ago, in fact, I think he said 8 years ago, using an ATM-like cabinet. Now, Stan did not have the avatar-like component, but he executed some awesome automation for his customers and building owner. Click the play arrow below to listen to Grace, our Manager Labs Site Desk Administrator!!

The cabinet that Stan utilized 8 years ago was just like a large piece of furniture. Today we can just mount an LCD monitor to a wall, plug it in and connect it to a simple computer. Once you connect that computer to the internet and you have an on-site PM or FM. This virtual PM or FM can take work orders, track your utility consumption, provide forms and documents to be completed online, provide a virtual tour to your vacant office space, show floor plans, take propspect lead information, like email, phone, etc. I guess the proper description is Virtual Leasing Agent and PM or FM, or Virtual Property/Facility Administrator, to be absolutely correct.

How about take a work order? If you have not clicked on the avatar above, to hear what Grace, our Site Desk Administrator has to say, you are really missing out on something that is creating history in our industry!! Please share the excitement and breakthroughs we can all make together. This is not a toy or a gimmick. This is serious business and a real timesaver for us all. Think about this and how it can lighten your load and IMPROVE, yes I said IMPROVE, customer service. Please leave your feedback and contact information below. We really want to know what you think. Good or bad, we can take it. Also, if you want, we can follow up with you if you have any ideas about implementing this type of service at your property or facility or on your website! Stan is also able to give you his insight as he using this technology today as well. Stan Cappe can be reached via email at stncappe51@gmail.com and, of course, Stan is one of our many members of our PFMI (Property and Facility Management Innovators) on LinkedIn. By clicking the link, you can join Stan and I, along with a great group of PM/FM people from around the world, while we discuss innovation and day to day issues that impact all people in our industry.

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