13 May

Property Management Budget Season 2011: Are You Ready?

Budget Season is coming. What on earth can we all do to make our lives easier for the 2011 budget year?

With all of the power of our groups is there anything we can do as a team to make our budgets easier? How about a state of the industry report from each area of our group? In other words, what do the Janitorial/Cleaning Contractors see for 2011? What should their Janitorial/Cleaning budget description look like and what are some good guidelines for costs? To me that is what I want to see the power of networking do for our industry. We all need the same things. Why not share the information so our lives are much easier? We all need it why not post it online or start collecting the predictions and give reasons why? Just some thoughts for a Friday morning. I would love to go to one place, put in my zip code and get a printout of all of the assumptions I need for my geographic area!! I can then take that data and apply those findings to my budget instead of calling and chasing and begging for answers. How do you do it? Do you share your budget data with other properties or are you an island, like most PM/FM and just use your own data and keep it to yourself?

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