LanceSomehow we got talking about the fact that we were thinking of getting into property management. Linda stopped me right away & said we should instead consider an alliance with an existing property management company that does not offer much brokerage i.e. we do the brokerage well, they do the property management well. Well, I took that advice & found a small local company that's doing a great job doing just that. On top of that we are discussing possibly buying them &, voila, we will have a complete new division in our company! All thanks to Linda's timely words of wisdom. Thanks Linda!

The Commercial Professionals

Obie A. - PrincipalI discovered Linda when I was searching for someone to help me find the right property management software solution for my real estate company. Communicating with Linda was refreshing, as she was not looking to sell me any one particular product or convince me to take a certain approach to our challenge. Rather, Linda was able to help me look at my challenge from a fresh perspective, which opened up the doors to a variety of solution possibilities that might otherwise have been unrealized. Linda's ability to speak the IT language in a way that's accessible (to the real estate manager like myself) made the conversations both productive and pleasant.

Obie A. - Principal
RCG LLC, Somerville, MA

Ed SelkowLinda has been an unbelievable help on 2 different companies I have led. In addition to the other superlatives voiced by everyone else that has recommended Linda, which I concur with, I am convinced that she is someone that will change the way property management is done in the future. BEFORE there was an internet, I spent all my nights with a screaming fast 300 baud modem (under the name Zapp, afterwards I was one of the first people on what became AOL), meeting some of the greatest minds in technology, on line. A few of the folks I met there went on and became the architects of the internet revolution. The property/facility management field is very fortunate to have Linda Harrison among their number and she is one of those truly gifted minds. I am absolutely convinced Linda is one of the people to watch in the future with ManagerLabs and whatever else she launches. If you are fortunate enough to EVER get to work with her, you will never have anyone more creative or with the depth of knowledge she has. The property management industry WILL be different because of Linda and while I am not a gambler, I would bet on anything she touches in a heartbeat! The fact that she is one of the nicest, most personable folks you will ever get to deal with, is strictly icing on the cake!

Ed Selkow
Janitorial Growth Solutions

Donald O'ConnorLinda has always been extremely helpful! Her activity on her LinkedIn Group illustrates this point. Linda understands the meaning of customer service. She delivers! Thank you, Linda, for your assistance when I was with CABA and now at Building Technologies. Your knowledge of the property management industry is very valuable!

Donald O'Connor
Building Technologies

Wolf Baschung, CCIMLinda followed up totally impromptu and gave me and my business partner excellent advise regarding our database strategy. Linda is forceful, knowledgeable, and very insightful.

Wolf Baschung, CCIM
KW Commercial

Jason JonesWe reached out to Linda earlier this year and asked her to speak to our company’s marketing division. We threw several questions and scenarios her way. With great resilience she was able to provide my company straight forward answers. Linda pulled back the curtain and identified the property manager’s pain points. Linda is a true master of her craft. I highly recommend Linda’s consulting services to anyone that seeks knowledge and success in the property management industry.

Jason Jones
Alliance Disaster Kleenup

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