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Connecting CRE to Social Media – Are You on the List?

So you say your retail, industrial, or office property has vacant space? Or are you at a firm that does investment sales? Are you a leasing manager or do you have an outsourced or even in-house leasing broker? When you search for your vacant space does it push up through the noise of search in Google? Do you have any strategy at all about how to market that space?

Well if any of the above rings a bell with you, there is a new site you should check out. The site is theBrokerList and it has been developed and founded by a CPM and CCIM! Yes, that is right, someone from the ranks of the industry.

What makes the site so special is that it is about the people in our industry. The first step is to join and set up your profile. Once done, you add a profile for your firm too. Once your company profile is set up other members of your firm can now link to that profile so there is a directory of those members of your firm who should be online and active in promoting properties, new business and the image of your firm!

The site permits unlimited users, including administrators, marketing directors, brokers, managers, and leasing agents. Whether you are a leasing agent or an investment sales broker, the site offers powerful tools for promoting your vacant space or to sell the entire asset.

The team at theBrokerList is friendly and responsive. If you wish a one on one demo, just email, call or use twitter to reach the team. Oh by the way, the CPM and CCIM that founded the project is me! Hope you support this exciting project that I am so very proud of!! Thanks in advance for your support.

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