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ManagerLabs Blog Named as Top 50 Resource!

ManagerLabs is pleased to announce their blog, being named one of the Top 50 Resources for Asset Management. This is a proud moment for us here and we thank Mintek Mobile Data Solutions for recognizing the contributions the ManagerLabs team and blog are providing to the industry.

ManagerLabs was formed with the sole purpose of advancing the property and facility management industry in its evolution to utilizing technology in its business processes and customer service models. With the property and facility management industry being so labor intensive, technology is a definite winner in the fight to reduce overhead and provide improved service delivery to all of its customers, vendors, occupants and professional colleagues.

A huge thanks to Mintek for recognizing this Top 50 Resource list. We are grateful for this esteemed recognition in the industry.

To our readers, please have a wonderful 2011 New Year and thanks for your continued support in reading our blog and contributing feedback on this ever-changing topic.

Thank You!

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ML Is Proud to Feature A PFMI Author: Michel Theriault

From time to time, ManagerLabs will review a product, service, book, video, software, website or podcast, that warrants focus and attention. Please see below what we have to say about this great new resource for facility and property managers.

Michel Theriault, in the book, Managing Facilities and Real Estate, nails the fundamentals of facility and property management and at the same time updates all of us on attitudes and processes for the facility manager’s fast paced and pressure-filled existence. With the focus on improving service, Michel does an outstanding job of demonstrating the analogy of the facility and property department and the key business fundamentals that need to be considered in this often overlooked area. In this easy to read book, Michel brings the level of all traditional facility and property management fundamentals to the forefront. Its chapters and content are well organized and the “Consider This” tables, are excellent and concise summaries that go to the heart of each topic. Even with graphics being black and white, the visuals are current and well done. This is a definite “must have” reference book, for rookies and professionals. It is a good resource of current thoughts and approaches for facility and property management in the new millennium. To purchase your copy today, click here or to learn more about the book, click here to download a .pdf brochure. Brochure-Managing Facilities and Real Estate

~Linda Day Harrison, CPM, CCIM
ManagerLabs Founder