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Haiti Disaster: PM/FM Folks Relate

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We as PM/FM professionals understand the severe pain of disasters and tragedies. It is our job to manage them and respond to them. Let us show our compassion and understanding.

Many of you have already leaped into action and I am so very proud to know you for that. For those who may be unsure of what they can do, at a minimum add a link to your blog or website to help the people of Haiti and the disaster relief causes. Every dollar we send helps. If you have a company website, it is super easy to add a hyperlink to your site. Just my 2 cents worth. Here is a popular link, but please know, there are others too. Google has a Haiti Disaster hyperlink on their main search page.

Those close to the ports or who have access to facilities or docks can offer assistance in that way. There is a huge logistics effort underway so space is a commodity and access to docks and marinas. Whatever you have the power to offer, even if a single $1, it all helps.

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